Visa Assistances

Visa Assistance to Saudi Employers and Employees

Listed below are the different types of visa-assistance for employers and those employed in Saudi Arabia as well as their near and dear ones. ASCO offers end-to-end visa assistance not only for Indian-expatriates in Saudi Arabia for employments, but also for their kith and kin. Here’s how:


Employment visas are arranged for different categories by the employers. These visas could be used either for referred employees or newly recruited employees.

Visa endorsement procedure for referred EMPLOYEES

In this case we require name and contact details of referred employee. Employee should provide us all the supporting and necessary documents required by the Saudi Mission. Visa authorization should be made in name of - Arabian Services Company


In this case, employers inform us immediately after getting their block visa about their salary offers, job description, likely ages, nature of responsibilities and project details. Thereafter, on receiving the required information we put up the vacancies on job portals. If necessary, we also release advertisement in leading news papers to garner the best experienced skills.

Our HR team arrange final interviews with the involvement of employers, their representatives via a streamlined selection processing, using trade test etc. After final selections, we endorse visas for those approved candidates of employer followed with immigration clearance and deployment.

Work Visit Visa

In this category, the visa could be endorsed without the need of medicals, using the usual procedures of MOFA application.

Family Visit Visa

With this visa, the employees’ close relatives including parents, siblings, or spouse, can visit Saudi Arabia. The visit-visa has to be issued by the visitors’ relatives having residence visa in Saudi Arabia.

Family Residence Visa

Family Residence Visa is usually with residence visa for an employee’s spouse and parents.

For instance, a man employed in Saudi Arabia may apply for a Family Residence Visa for his wife and children. In this case, the husband (employee) is the sponsor. In certain other cases, senior professionals arrange Family Residence Visas for their parents too.

Business Visit Visa

A Business Visit Visa is for business people who need to travel to Saudi Arabia for business purposes. In this case, the employer in Saudi Arabia must apply to the Saudi Foreign Ministry for the visitor’s Visa.

The two types of Business Visit Visas are:

1) Single entry: In case of a single entry visa, the visitor can go to Saudi Arabia only once and should return within the days permitted in the visa.
2) Multiple entry: In case of a multiple entry visa, the visitor can go to Saudi Arabia any number of times within the mentioned visa validity.

Certificate Attestation

This has to be duly attested by the HRD, University, MEA, Saudi Arabian Cultural Attaché and Saudi Arabian Embassy in Delhi. This certificate authentication can also be done by ASCO.

Service Charges

Government approved services charges by mode of demand draft or any kind of bank transfers.


ASCO has its own representative stationed at Gulf. No sooner we receive any complaint either from candidates or from employers, it will be immediately passed on to our representative and all the grievances will be attended and sorted out within the minimum possible time.