We Execute

We are a service-based company built on hard work, dedication, and differentiation based on excellence in service. We consistently serve our clients with cutting-edge recruitment strategies and contemporary ideas, channelized through the employers’ executives who visit India for recruitments. We also provide the required training and orientation programs to employees traveling for the first time to the Gulf.

Given India’s geographical location and dense population, skilled manpower availability largely varies from area to area. We therefore segregate total requirements of our clients to different interview locations in different Indian states as per the availability, quality, and specialty of manpower. We handpick people from all across the country to successfully recruit for important categories like Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Power, Telecom, Oil & Gas, Refinery, Petrochemical, Airport Support Services, Catering, and Hospitality industries; Industrial categories for Manufacturing units, Medical and Paramedical professionals; and all types of MEP workers for construction and maintenance.

To complete effective and successful recruitment, ASCO has its own set-ups in all the major areas of India. ASCO arranges interviews in locations where the best skilled manpower is available according to client-specific job nature and categories.

We have come so far at such a rapid pace because we serve with purpose and direction, and have imbibed the same into our service ethics. We at ASCO believe in going above and beyond when it comes to serving and satisfying our clients. We constantly strive to not just fulfill, but to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our client support services include

  • Delivering the required personnel with required trade tests and screenings on time, suited to each category/project, its specific requirements and timelines
  • Timely, streamlined and relevant communication at all times
  • Robust systems and procedures that ensure efficient end-to-end process adherence right from marketing to placement
  • Planned, periodic clients visits by our senior team
  • Dedicated relationship management and maintenance even after placements
  • Effective after-placement services


Recruitments, Visa-Endorsement of referred workers/professionals, temporary work visas, business-visits, family-visits, certificate attestations, emigration and air ticket reservations.

Infrastructure, manpower and value

ASCO prides itself on its highly advanced and sophisticated infrastructure such as an updated system network and a large data bank, coupled with a robust team of qualified and experienced personnel from diverse fields.

In addition, we have all the requisite technological gear to facilitate streamlined and timely recruitment and deployment, along with quick and effective communication with candidates and clients .

For specialized skill testing, we have tied up with numerous local government-recognized leading technical trade test institutions. We have all the necessary resources to consistently provide our clients with skilled employees at competitive salaries and offer them excellent clients service at all times.

Further, the numerous branch offices strategically located in different Indian cities gives ASCO a competitive edge over other Indian agencies, since candidates can be quickly selected and deployed. This in turn ensures that clients can swiftly execute even the largest projects without delays or stalling. ASCO possesses in-depth international knowledge, expertise, and a 360-degree perspective of various aspects of HR development. As a result, ASCO intrinsically and comprehensively understands the exact needs and concerns of employees as well as clients , ultimately being able to offer tailored services that are second to none.

We offer improved ideas, information, advice, strategies and solutions to employers, and share our best practices to help them iron out their day-to-day HR problems. This helps our clients strategically plan manpower at every stage of their business, and allows them to reach the pinnacle of success by leveraging top quality Indian talent, knowledge and skills.

Our expertise

We thoroughly study our clients , their projects, applicable categories, and relevant job needs. End-to-end preparations, starting from identifying different locations in India in sync with the availability of specialty and quality skills, and finally matching this to client requirements is what forms the crux of smart recruitment planning – And we pride ourselves on having mastered this art.

Bringing together a geographically scattered and categorically diversified workforce from different parts of India to match diverse job requirements is a Herculean task – And this is exactly what ASCO has expertise in.

We have detailed information about specialized manpower availability across India, from Kerala to Kashmir, including India’s North-East region adjoining the China border.

ASCO’s outstanding Recruiting Specialists are highly qualified and experienced in selecting, interviewing and finalizing on the best personnel. These specialists have expertise in handling and closing interviews in all staffing areas – be it Construction, Infrastructure, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing or Hospitality industries.


We focus all our energy on each client’s individual recruitment projects, as a result of which, we have amassed a tremendous amount of experience in finding high caliber, reliable, skilled and unskilled workers suited to every environment, even desert conditions. In this way, ASCO does not just meet, but also exceeds each client’s project targets.

The more we work with a particular client, the easier, more seamless and effective the whole process becomes. Working with the same client each time gives us a deeper understanding of their exact requirements, enabling us to fine-tune and customize our services further to meet their needs and specifications on time, ultimately benefitting not only our clients , but also us as a service-oriented organization.

Specialized Skills

Our range of specialized skills covers all the vital enablers of business success, including, but not restricted to:

  • Countrywide network
  • Strategic planning
  • Effective team management
  • Project execution skills
  • Unrivalled time management
  • Vast experience, complemented with the right expertise
  • Complete understanding of client requirements
  • A brand respected by employers and candidates alike

Add-on services

We offer various add-on services to our clients as well as to the candidates deployed by us. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Visa endorsement services for candidates’ next of kin
  • Certificate attestation services for candidates’ next of kin
  • Ticket issuance and reservations for candidates’ next of kin
  • Mediator services in any client-candidate disputes, to help arrive at an amicable solution
  • Any other services sought by our clients and/or candidates from time to time

State-of-the-art database

Our state-of-the-art, well-researched database contains detailed and updated profiles of qualified and experienced candidates across all categories, most of who are available for immediate placement.

This database is created, maintained and updated by qualified, trained, and experienced teams in line with different category specifications.
Some of the criteria based on which we select candidates are:

  • Quality of work
  • Relevant qualifications
  • Communication skills and personality
  • Overall work experience and environments worked in earlier
  • Skill level tests and psychological evaluations
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Health

Our extensively-developed candidate database is updated regularly to keep it most relevant to current job markets. We always maintain a variety of classified resumes segregated according to categories and job specifications, amongst other aspects.

Besides advertisements from our own email domain, we continuously receive impressive resumes of worthy job seekers through referrals, from India and abroad which we keep updating in our database and matching perfectly to the needs and specifications of our valuable clients. Also, through our popular email domain gulfjobs@arabianservices.com, jobseekers/candidates from across India with varied educational and professional backgrounds approach us.

Right skills for the right jobs

Quality, cost-effective and skilled Indian work force has become an important business-driving force for most Middle-East clients. Since India happens to be one of the largest skilled populations in the world, it provides a fit.

As the demand for ‘specific’ Indian personnel across the globe, particularly in the Middle-East, is growing day-by-day, ASCO continues its journey towards catering to the needs of these prestigious clients . In fulfilling this goal, ASCO has deputed over one hundred thousand personnel both directly and indirectly in various categories and fields.

ASCO’s constant endeavor is to provide clients with skilled and experienced manpower in line with their precise requirements. This is achieved by:

  • Getting the right information from the right sources
  • Putting up relevant and catchy advertising
  • Aggressive head hunting
  • Job posting on the company’s own as well as other famous job portals
  • Thorough evaluation of all CVs by experts
  • Conducting timely and goal-oriented preliminary, walk-in and final interviews
  • Complete verification of candidates’ certificates and degrees
  • Medical examination of all candidates by registered, Consulate-approved doctors
  • Establishing a strong rapport with the Consulate to facilitate prompt visa endorsements
  • Establishing and maintaining good relationships with travel agents and airlines for seamless flight bookings