Recruitment Methodology

Relationship management

As an experienced recruiting firm, we constantly improve and expand our service portfolio with the aim of providing our clients with better, more cost-effective, and comprehensive HR solutions.

The ultimate goal we jointly pursue with our clients is mutual success – and our strong network of recruitment experts and senior staff help us in meeting this goal to a T.

We exceed our clients expectations in every aspect. Even after deployment of candidates, we provide add-on services such as arranging candidates’ certificate attestation, family visa endorsement and any other services our clients request from time to time. We thus maintain a close relationship with candidates as well as clients , which has contributed further to our solid reputation in this field.

Requirement Analysis

As soon as the requirements are received from our clients , we analyze them in detail and do a region-wise classification as per availability of candidates in different regions.

Sourcing and Selection of Candidates:
After analyzing and classifying client requirements, we source candidates by head hunting via our data banks and branch offices across India, and also by putting up the requirements on job portals, in response to which, we receive various CVs via email. If necessary, we also release advertisements in newspapers of the concerned region(s), after taking approval from the concerned authorities for conducting prior interviews/short listings. We lineup enough numbers of skills for the final interviews of clients .

Our HR team carefully scrutinize CVs and shortlist potential candidates in strict adherence to our clients ’ job specifications. The shortlisted candidates are interviewed by our HR team, and the selected candidates’ CVs are sent to our clients for approval. We then arrange personal interviews of the candidates with the hiring company’s delegates at appropriate centers. In case of CV selections, we finalize the salary and other terms, and forward the shortlisted CVs to the clients for further evaluation and approval. In case of selections based on personal interviews, salary and other terms are finalized by the company’s delegates at the interview venue.

Post-Selection Procedure and Deployment

Immediately after candidate selection, we get a provisional employment offer letter from the employer and get acceptance of the candidate. Thereafter, while we get medical and other documentation formalities completed, the employer gets the Employment Agreement prepared and visa issued for medically fit candidates. Other necessary formalities are completed by us and the employer simultaneously, and immediately on receipt of the visa, we get it endorsed and deploy the candidates within the minimum possible time, as mutually agreed upon by the employer.

Time Management

The chief aspect of ASCO’s quality policy is timely and fruitful service to clients. Excellent time management is the essence of our business. Timely deployment of candidates assures satisfaction to clients as well as candidates. ASCO believes that any delay in deployment of candidates could hamper the clients ’ projects, and we therefore very cautiously adhere to our time management policies.

The focus we have on the value of time is one of our major organizational strengths that all our clients appreciate. Our excellent time management is evident in on-time deployment of candidates - Mobilization and deployment of candidates is completed within just 15 to 30 days from selection days. When ASCO assures clients that their staff/workers will be traveling on a specific date, we stay committed and true to that promise, with no chances of letdown or delays.